The CARCON, founded in 2000 by automotive industry professionals has always been dedicated exclusively to the sector. Dynamic and characterized by strong demand for information, CARCON worked all these years in the South American markets. In markets like Brazil who went through pressure waves, high and low times, we saw it move to a today´s target market of the largest car companies in the world.

Our team consists of permanent and temporary personnel operating in all segments of the automotive sector achieving a total up to 50 people depending on the level required for ongoing projects.

In addition to the Brazilian team, CARCON also operates with associate offices in Barranquilla, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. Our colleagues in South America dedicated exclusively to the automotive markets in their regions, possess great knowledge of this industry.


LMC Automotive is the premier supplier of automotive forecasts and intelligence to an extensive client base of automotive manufacturer, component supplier, logistics and distribution companies, as well as financial and government institutions around the world.

CARCON AUTOMOTIVE - Rua Formosa 79 - Rudge Ramos - SBC - SP - Phone +55 11 2355-5873