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There are a number of methods to investigate and evaluate customers and competitor activities in this market and develop strategies. These vary from detailed spreadsheet/manual analysis, utilization of available free tools, and up to using Enterprise platforms to tie together competitive analysis, risks and opportunities, forecasting, workflow and productivity. In order to utilize more efficiently any number of the above techniques you should necessarily be based on real and even hypothetical data collected from outside your organization on how, what and where your products and strategies will reach the planned targets. CARCON Automotive is prepared to offer you the best type of research/surveys to be developed specifically to your current business and future planning.




Identifying and understanding your competitors is a needed requirement. You need to assess your competition skills and see how you perform against them. Evaluate your competitor’s performance and the competitive landscape, estimating the value and volume of all key products in order to give a better financial view to monitor and track them going forward. While most marketing managers have a list of competitors they track, it is very likely that they do face competition from companies and brands they might not be aware of. Clearly discovering all competitors for each segment that correspond to product, product category and sector should be a great step to gain a competitive advantage. Then, when knowing in details all your competitors, hence forward, keeping track of the performance of these competitors is also a difficult and complex task - especially in the long term. If we consider the new product launches, branding, new projects they are working on, or any logical action that makes sense to your business, so it is vital to know those details.




There are many benefits in surveying your customers. Conducting customer surveys is an inexpensive way to gather valuable customer feedback and input to your companies products and services. Customer surveys also act as a source of innovative ideas, and at the same time providing constant feedback to your company. Your company can use the data collected from a survey to make adjustments to your products and services to better meet your customer’s needs, helping you to retain established relationships and develop new ones. Surveys also build good will, because they show that your company cares about your customer’s opinions and experiences. Leading automotive companies understand the importance of surveying customers. Not only are customer surveys quick and inexpensive to make, but they also bring valuable results. Findings from surveys tailored for customers can help companies develop customer loyalty and increase long-term profitability. Customer surveys are essential for any company that is committed to customer retention.

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