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What is competitive intelligence? How do we define it? In what ways does it differ from market research? How do companies use it to become more competitive? Who needs competitive intelligence? How is it managed? How is it developed? How should competitive intelligence be used? By whom? How much does it cost? Where does competitive intelligence fit within the strategic planning of your company? What are the measurable "bottom line" benefits for your managers and your company?


CARCON will answer these and other questions adapting towards your needs a set of consulting services developed specifically for Competitive Intelligence which utilizes the best practices globally used by the auto industry sector.


Set of knowledge and services dedicated to the Automotive Industry


Using our services that embrace the best market intelligence practices, your company will have the ability to achieve a higher level of excellence taking advantage of our services, resources and knowledge; they are interactive, practical and based on real business cases. We can help your company to:


• Set up and run market intelligence processes;
• Capability to help you develop and continue your own market intelligence processes;
• Use the best market intelligence practices in the same manner as large corporations.


Listed below are some of the analysis CARCON will be able to help you with


Often conducting competitive analysis is easier said than done. However, breaking down the components of competitive intelligence that comprise a comprehensive competitive analysis into manageable pieces is our task in helping you. Among many other available primary and secondary studies, the topics listed below are some examples of where we can develop in-depth analysis:


• Company Structure;
• Company Mission, Targets and Current Strategy;
• Comparison of your company vs. competitors;
• Internal perception of the competition;
• Competitor Capabilities;
• Product/Service Summary;
• Product Development Strategy;
• Distribution;
• Effectiveness of Current Operations;
• Marketing Strategy;
• Sales Strategy;
• Strategy planning Assessment;
• Long-term Market Prospects;
• Financial History & Capability;
• Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures & Alliances;
• SWOT Analysis;
• Executive Summary.


Putting together a comprehensive competitive analysis can be a challenging and difficult task. While some of the information is easily found in public resources, most of the most information is not available or are in mind of few people. CARCON has first-hand experience in creating custom competitive intelligence systems, as well as performing ad-hoc competitive analysis. Whatever your competitive intelligence needs is, CARCON is available to help you. Contact CARCON to speak with one of our highly skilled project managers.

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