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Nowadays the auto industry is extremely sensitive to all aspects that surround it. Thus, global impacts, government actions, technological advances, consumer profiles and competition actions among many other can quickly impact your business growth plans. The Strategic Analysis provided by CARCON is able to provide all types of visions and analytical advice allowing you to compete more effectively and increase your market share.


Working with a partner like CARCON, who deeply understands the automotive market and will analyze your business individually and compare it to the industry environment in which you operate. We are able to create scenarios of opportunities and threats with strategic alternatives that will help you further develop your business. If you are looking for clarity on how competitive you are, if searching for new strategies, thinking on mergers and new business partners, new products and markets, CARCON is certainly the solution to support your business. We will make our team of experts available to you who best suit your needs and develop all the necessary analysis to develop important strategies to grow your business.

Practical Recommendations:

Working with our consultants you will benefit from the best practices identified by us in all sectors of the automotive industry. You will receive recommendations and market competitive intelligence in all of our reports, and delivered along with evidences that you can analyze and discuss. You can also get tangible business benefits from our operational experience through the application of effective strategic and market intelligence.
Changing paradigms:


Take benefits from our neutral point of view. It is easy to accept the conventional wisdom about the markets in which your company operates. However, do your competitors have the same ideas and same views as you? We will help you avoid this potential pitfall. We will provide you with a clear vision of how we see the performance of your company and the performance of your competitors. We will deeply analyze this comparison adding our knowledge with the application of research and competitive intelligence resulting truly clear and objective results.

Commitment to quality including legal and ethic practices:


The systems used by CARCON meet a standard set of information-sharing practices to levels practiced in the global automotive market that will provide high quality recommendations and strategic plans. All practices used by us meet the most demanding legal and ethical standards required by automotive corporations worldwide.


Below are some examples of how CARCON applies Strategic Analysis techniques that can help you:


  • Overall supply chain analysis;
  • Competition analysis;
  • Analysis of your company;
  • Market attractiveness analysis;
  • Scenario analysis;
  • Customers Analysis;
  • Behavior and perception analysis;
  • How to enter the automotive market;
  • Trend analysis;
  • How to become a benchmark company in the automotive market;
  • Market size, segmentation and forecasts;
  • Marketing and sales evaluations.

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