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Our cars and light commercial division is authorized to offer the products below which will provide you outstanding results to their business:

1- Forecast production and sales;
Sales, production and motorization forecasts are available in Excel spreadsheet format and also comments in Power Point with analyzes of variations. Data can be obtained monthly, quarterly and semiannually. The future horizon of forecasts is 7 years.

2- Work on the current fleet;
The data is provided by car manufacturer and model for the South America countries, and may include other countries such as Mexico, for example. The information is obtained through our partnership with LMC Automotive. Data is validated by our team through monitoring of market fluctuations.

The team also undertakes to maintain regular meetings with customers to discuss the information.

3- Market demand analysis:
A team of specialized consultants of our company prepares market environment studies, to meet the needs for the purpose of strategic plans. The studies include market share of competitors for selected products or systems which helps in defining localization strategies, expansion of production and introduction of new technologies. These studies may also include state of the art technology available locally, both in products and in manufacturing processes.

Within this category we are also specialized in conducting clinical setting for models of choice strategy to be introduced in the market.

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