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The technological requirements phenomenon applied to new vehicles releases increasingly appearing in the automotive sector fatefully leads companies to partially or completely lose the horizon to new platforms or future models. Thus the technological gap between the need and the ability of the automakers and their suppliers has become increasingly larger.

Covering part of this gap, every day new models of company associations are strongly encouraged, not only by economic globalization and falling trade barriers, but mainly due to new techniques that raise the models, reducing investment, improving product and reducing production development costs being facilitated by such acquisitions and partnerships between companies, giving them an extraordinary flexibility that is not envisioned before.

Sensitive to the trend of business associations as a formula for survival in the globalized context, there is great incentive to the formation of these associations that, if successful meet the goals of its formal proposal, bringing satisfaction to the desired partners. You should never disregard any indirect gains generated by these associations, like the expansion of your business, reinvigoration of your company´s image in the market, new experiences to be accumulated through working in partnership, new management techniques and other profitable factors.

Regarding the nature of the projects, CARCON can support your company in the full use of the associative instruments to cover the following activities:

• Associations of a commercial nature;

• Cooperation between companies interested in the same fields of research, technological development, and the manufacture of automotive products;

• Capital investments in new partnerships with companies operating in markets other than the automotive;

• Implementation of association agreements in the form of a joint venture, which will fit into the mold, contractual or corporate necessarily fulfilling the steps of:

o Partners´ search and selection;

o Identification and pre-evaluation of the business, technology and products to be exploited;

o Forms or ways to exploit them;

o Choose the model most appropriate institutional association, which may be revised in the future in light of other factors.

Meet our resources and experience. Call one of our professionals and we will be happy to discuss with you alternatives and proposals to your needs.

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