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Every day, technological innovations are most noticeable. Allied to changes in consumer behavior and action strategies more intelligent and dynamic, new businesses are being strategically developed to cope with the competition. Companies seek viable and self sustaining taking advantage of improved processes that make up their supply chains to become more competitive in the automotive market.

With a modern logistics vision in the molds of the biggest sector companies, several improvements are needed among which the reordering supplying flows, normalization of special purchases, increase inventory turns and processes computerization that generate fast decision-making and improved financial controls on the supply sectors. Thus it is possible for an organization to become more competitive and organized, generating added value to businesses today a decisive factor in keeping the business in the automotive sector.

CARCON with several years of experience conducting projects in the supply chain support to auto industry adopt successful models that take into account the main points below:

• Supplying strategies considering the differences between input families;

• Prioritization in implementation of types (waves) of supplying;

• Mechanisms for management, control and continuous improvement;

• Centralized and decentralized organizational structures;

• Expertise in design and cross-functional teams formation;

• Purchase teams formation and training;

• Design the strategic evolution encompassing:

1. Short-term quick gains:

o Volumes consolidation;

o Suppliers base reduction;

o Contracts renegotiations;

2. Medium-term operational effectiveness:

o Outsourcing;

o Automation;

o Processes redesign;

o Global sourcing;

3. Long-term supplies based on values:

o Mutual investments;

o Integrated engineering;

o Collaborative processes;

o Partnerships.

Ask what CARCON can do for your company in terms of improving your supply chain methods. Call one of our specialists, we will be glad to discuss with you our approaches in solving your problems.

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