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The integration of market intelligence and effective structuring of the early stages of new product development are two of the most important and difficult challenges facing automotive innovators. The connection between these two aspects considers two different types of activities in this integration process: a) activity of processing the necessities of product information, estimated demand, competitive products and sales and marketing structures; and b) technology, products development activities, engineering applications, production structure and production capacity and cost structure. These activities are then defined, structured and integrated.

The CARCON model takes as base reviewing the entire process market and development of new products. For professionals in engineering and product development, the model provides a useful tool for structuring the primary activities of integration using market information to the process of product development.

Thus, to develop products that, while radical innovations represent and meet the needs of current and future automotive consumers, it is critical that the company seeks to create an environment of proactive market orientation by using information and data from expert studies so creating knowledge and ways of seeing consumers, the market, the company itself and the products to be developed.

CARCON is ready to offer our templates integration of market intelligence applied to new product development and applications of engineering. Call one of our professionals about your needs with respect to new products; we will be delighted to prepare scenarios that meet your expectations to develop them.

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