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Identifying groups of potential customers and the perfect analysis of the needs and performance of the market are the primary functions of the marketing department of your company.


Based on a strategic planning, the daily contact with each of your current and future potential customers is responsibility of your Sales department.

In the current automotive market, companies should be aware that is no longer enough to have the figure of a creative (marketer) guy, it is necessary that besides creative, knows how to calculate, be a public relations, knows to communicate, knows to plan, has the best information about all segments of the market, about competition and their products and finally in possession of solid strategies elaborate the best marketing program to be implemented. In the same way, the figure of the vendor, the (order taker) guy, no longer fits in the automotive world today, you need a high performance professional, well trained, aware of the company´s strategies and products that will negotiate; needs to communicate, visualize and identify the real needs of your customers, considering all components eventually in the market to sell your products.


To arouse the desires of reaching potential clients and winning new niches in the market; keeping alive the customer base of your company, in a competitive ways, creative and dynamic; you need a program of Market Intelligence for the perfect understanding and conducting actions in your market sectors.


In order to support your sectors of Marketing and Sales, CARCON offers a Market Intelligence whose main objectives are to gather, analyze and apply information in order to expand the knowledge of your professionals about the logic of the target market and the direction of the strategic actions to be adopted. Thus, our Market Intelligence aims observe along with your professionals seemingly disconnected all components of their projects creating alternative scenarios in order to define new forms of strategic actions.


By broadening the perception of the scenarios, it is possible to analyze the external environment and, consequently, identify opportunities, predict threats to your business and anticipate the trends in the segments of actuation. Thus, CARCON offers a Market Intelligence that is no longer only a strategic activity to become also an operating activity.


Talk to us about our system of Competitive Intelligence to support Marketing and Sales of your business. We are sure you will be satisfied with our ideas helping these sectors so important to your business.

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