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With associate offices located in major vehicle producing countries of South America beyond Brazil like Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Uruguay - in this degree of importance - CARCON mark its presence in the automotive industry in these countries following monthly production and sales of vehicles in the various segments. Besides these accompaniments we perform studies quarterly, semiannual and annual about the movement of the automotive sector in all countries of South America.

The studies involve various facets of the automotive industry from carmakers and their suppliers, through the introduction and sales of vehicles and marketing and commercialization of automotive parts to the governmental aspects, economic, social and political factors that influence directly and indirectly in the industry. These studies give too great an emphasis on the Mercosur countries and their implications and effects on the automotive sector.

Bring us your business need to know in detail any market in South America We will be happy to discuss your needs and prepare a proposal to assist the studies needed.

CARCON AUTOMOTIVE - Rua Formosa 79 - Rudge Ramos - SBC - SP - Phone +55 11 2355-5873