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The investigation, verification and depuration of correct sales prices in the market for certain types of vehicles, especially applied to commercial vehicles, pointing to regional averages, cities, brands, segments and models, ensuring fidelity and reliability is an extremely difficult and requires years of experience to perfect your driving, anticipated by automakers.

There are many variables involved in the process of market pricing, decisions involving automakers, dealers, finance factors, governmental effects, season of the year, content of the models, the models, the regions surveyed, competition and many other factors allied to the types of business such as consumers, companies buyers and their relationships with dealers and manufacturers themselves.

CARCON with over seven years experience in the determination of prices in commercial vehicles in Brazil ensures that the result obtained by this type of survey is highly strategic and results can ensure the success of the segments and pricing models as well accurate monitoring of prices charged by the various dealers of the brands in regional markets and in different cities.

Our services include besides the market prices, the assessment of compliance of dealers and vendors, evaluation of the shops, the evaluation of the models surveyed, the assessment of stocks of stores, delivery times, customer service workshops, the existence and application maintenance contracts, types and amounts of financing of vehicles and other commercial practices allied to commercial transactions like accepting incoming vehicles as payment and other benefits offered by various dealer networks throughout the Brazilian territory.

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