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Quality customer product and service is the most desired by consumers in relation to companies and brands. To satisfy the consumer´s need to build different forms of dialogue with people and understand how the product or brand is perceived or reach until them is the success key.

The survey is used to bring out the logic of the purchase, which is the explanation of why a consumer buys a particular product or service. This is the basis for identifying segments or groups of people who buy from the same motivation and reasons. The importance of researching consumer behavior is crucial when planning marketing because it is an essential tool in the study of auto market segmentation. To target specific audience is first step to study the habits of consumers, so that they can tailor an efficient communication, correct directions and adopt strategies that achieve the desired goals.

Adopting the research as a tool in our studies of Automotive Competitive Intelligence for over 12 years CARCON offers a wide range of types of research focused worked and developed especially for the various auto industry segments, which has generated valuable information for decision-making of our customers during all these years. Below are some examples of the CARCON can offer you in terms of research, all of the focusing the consumer:

• Behavioral Research (diagnosis of consumer behavior);

• Habits and attitudes search;

• Brand image research;

• Purchase intention survey;

• Motivations of purchase and consumption surveys;

• Brand positioning research;

• Research for potential segment of the automotive market;

• Brand preference research;

• Customer satisfaction research;

• Search for visibility and corporate image;

• Test concept;

• Test for Products and Vehicle Launches (includes clinics and Focus-Group).

Surveys undertaken by CARCON became instrument of identification, assessment and knowledge of consumer behavior. They can clarify what they think, what their stages of consciousness and degree of reflection on consumption, in addition to evaluating the quality and price of automotive products and services. Depending on the type of survey approaches the results can still determine what makes the consumer incorporate, to varying degrees, other attributes of his decision to consumption.

Please contact one of our Automotive Research professionals. We will be happy to discuss your concerns and desires, recommending the best research group that will meet your needs.

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