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Develop strategies to operate successfully in the Aftermarket activities is a complex task. As in all other facets of business today, we should have a clear idea of what affects our competitive advantages.

The first goes toward excellence in Aftermarket sales is to create a strategy that is well grounded to corporate guidelines of your company. Although the planning of each company depends on specific and unique circumstances, some actions are always crucial:


  • • Segment market according to the qualities that are important to your current and potential customers;
  • • Compare your offer to the ability to your competitors;
  • •  Understand the power and limitations of the various channels available to your marketing;
  • • Develop a system for product pricing that takes into account your strategies and products life cycles;
  • • Segment your customer base by setting their attributes and preferences.

CARCON has experience of over 12 years in advising companies in the Automotive Sector about Aftermarket projects. We are uniquely qualified to develop or planning to deploy your products activities, train your sales and marketing teams, develop customer preferences and competitors surveys, making the redesign of your relationship channels and make evaluations of customer’s impressions.

Contact one of our Aftermarket professionals today. We are sure it will be the first step to the guarantee of your success in the area.

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