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Quality, good service and achieving schedule deadlines are important, but are no longer the only main competitive advantages. The lower product differentiation nowadays makes companies seek new ways to communicate their brands and their products. This must be accepted or you will be left out of the market - or worse, out of the consumer preference. What will you do remain competitive with so many good competitors? Certainly one of the strongest weapons in the market today for differentiation is the quality of the after-sales services. It should be taken seriously since the service has increasingly been an element of customer loyalty and certainly prevents them from comparing your service to the competition. It has never been so important to maintain a good relationship with customers as today.


Customers expect that after sales service is an attribute of the product as quality, design, price and its performance. The satisfaction that a product provides is not only related to the product itself, but also the service package that is part of it. The after-sales must guarantee the customer satisfaction by building customer loyalty and promote the good reputation of the company to other potential buyers. This is the heart of good sales and services.


To differentiate yourself from your competitors, your company requires the assistance of CARCON that can help you with a series of actions to improve the relationship with your customers. We will help you in the task of developing or improving your After-Sales programs so that your customers feel increasingly satisfied for having purchased from your company and will continually ask for your services. We are prepared to help you analyze your company and compare it to the competition in the following items


  • •Understanding reasons for customer purchase;
  • •Meet customer expectations at the time of purchase and their level of satisfaction;
  • •Identify any problems with the purchase;
  • •Assess client satisfaction level regarding attendance, sales and support processes;
  • •Expand / enhance communication channels between the company and the customer;
  • •Understand the company’s image towards the customer;
  • •Determining reason and timing for new purchases;
  • •Understand clients social and economic profile;



Creating value for customers to ensure their satisfaction. A guarantee of their satisfaction is the same as to prevent future concerns and increase customer loyalty

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