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Your business needs solutions focused on every moment of the evolution of your business management, in your dealer’s network or resellers. Therefore, CARCON organizes and offers solutions based on indicators obtained on the maturity of each point of sales, constantly adapting our products and services to the evolution of each client.

  • • Monitoring management efficiency of the sales team for each of the shops;
  • • Increase satisfaction and return rate of customers through effective management and monitoring;
  • • Increase profitability through financial management - F&I (Finance and Insurance);
  • • Efficiency in the service sales;
  • • Reduction of inventory days increasing working capital and returns;
  • • Confidence in the process of selling vehicles using efficient task schedules.

In order to meet these objectives CARCON is ready to offer you the very best and most modern solutions in terms of support through studies and analysis, whether they are custom designed to a single shop or an extensive dealer network, located anywhere in Brazil. We list below - those that are mostly required by our clients - some of the studies that we can offer that perfectly meet those objectives:

  • • Warranty portfolio management;
  • • F & I (Finance and Insurance) analysis and management;
  • • Service shop process management; from scheduling to delivery of the vehicle to the customer;
  • • Dealer network profitability analysis of each shop individually;
  • • Analysis of the service schedule controls;
  • • Analyses on the speediness in customer services;
  • • Comparative studies of efficiency of dealer shops compared to internal and external standards of other dealer networks;
  • • Analysis on the information exchange systems with the automakers;
  • • Visual studies of stores, signage, customer understanding and efficiency of service time in the shops;
  • • Visual studies of marketing used in the shops and comparison with external networks;
  • • Studies and analyzes of the management process for sales of parts, margins, credit analysis, parts separation, inventory checking and billing;
  • • Studies and analysis of productivity and efficiency of the service shops;
  • • Studies on the parts inventory turn-over and management;
  • • Studies on the relationship of the shops, after-sales and point of sales with the customers;
  • • Customer satisfaction surveys regarding new and used vehicle purchases, warranty services and in buying parts;
  • • Training on sales development of vehicles and services.

However, if none of the above listed studies and analysis don’t meet your requirements we will be glad to send one of our specialist consultants to meet with you. They will be happy to understand your needs and prepare a proposal that perfectly meets your needs.

CARCON AUTOMOTIVE - Rua Formosa 79 - Rudge Ramos - SBC - SP - Phone +55 11 2355-5873