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Obtain sustainable competitive advantages that put your company at a higher level than your competitors is our goal. The study and monitoring of your internal environment and from the competition are the key tools used by CARCON towards our customers in the revision, implementation and orientation regardless if they are Tier 1, 2 or 3 suppliers.


Based on the execution of studies and analyzes, we will develop your internal knowledge data base for your staff and company also considering an external environment and content that can be easily accessed and used not only by your personnel but also by your business partners when necessary. CARCON will help you introduce business information sharing while at the same time will improve the culture and environment of your internal and external activities.


Among the large quantity of revisions, studies and analysis that can be performed in determining your needs we list below some examples of routine studies and analyzes conducted by CARCON which can evaluate deviations from ideal standards:


  • •Analysis of expansion of existing product lines and services;
  • •Analysis of the capability to increase sales to current customers;
  • •Analysis on the usage of management systems;
  • •Analyses of anticipation of customer needs;
  • •Analysis of technical competence in generating differentials;
  • •Analysis and studies of investments in marketing and advertising;
  • •Analysis regarding the company´s business areas mainly Marketing and Sales;
  • •Evaluation of seeking foreign customers;
  • •Evaluation of finding new customers;
  • •Evaluation of seeking new markets and segments performance;
  • •Evaluation of vertical integration of the company;
  • •Evaluation of employees holding technical competence for business to rise to the top management;
  • •Evaluation of the fulfillment of the basic precepts (quality, on time delivery and price);
  • •Evaluation of quality service procedures;
  • •Evaluation of after-sale services;
  • •Assessment for introducing APQP and control and monitoring of production;
  • •Evaluation of image perception of responsibility, seriousness and credibility to customers;
  • •Studies of business diversification;
  • •Studies and evaluations for alliances and partnerships;
  • •Studies for the development and improvement of corporate media;
  • •Studies to develop competencies, skills and relationships necessary for better penetration of the business;
  • •Studies to explore the sale of services and solutions;
  • •Studies to improve the company´s communication;
  • •Studies to improve commercial flexibility;
  • •Studies to add more value to products and services offered;
  • •Studies to streamline and automate processes and equipment;
  • •Studies for the development and introduction of supplier assessment program;
  • •Studies for the development and introduction of motivational programs;
  • •Studies concerning the exploitation of information and communication technologies;
  • •Studies on optimization of facilities;
  • •Introduction of internal programs of Competitive Intelligence.

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