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With the increasing number of automakers in Brazil, there is a direct impact on the capability and competing ways of the various vehicle brands. This growth requires a change in the competitive battle in the auto market because the market´s ability to absorb production is limited and each automaker must produce and sell a volume that justifies its existence. As a consequence, the overall market size will be divided into more pieces and the automaker with a differential will take the lead, and most likely maintain or increase its market share.


CARCON foresees that consumers are now reaching a higher level of expectation than what most automakers in Brazil can offer in the short term. In this scenario where the Brazilian automotive market is becoming increasingly more competitive and globalized, it is required that automakers search new data to be more competitive. They undoubtedly need to anticipate customer needs, seek information and precise details of what is and will be the automotive market in the future.


To have a dealers’ network more active and competitive, as well as do a better distribution of its products, it is necessary to review the concepts regarding Brazil and how your partners operate in detail in the various regions. You can no longer see Brazil as a single market, but divided into its different regions and markets, to better understand the habits, wants and needs, and especially the role of regional competitors. CARCON is ready to help you deepen even more your knowledge in manufacturing, distribution and sales of automotive vehicles.


Regardless of how long you and your company operate in Brazil and in South America it is important to deepen and discuss new concept as well as existing ones. CARCONs has the ability to use its extensive database in order to provide relevant information regarding automakers and their strategies, which enables you to obtain a clear current and future scenario of applications and recommendations that will certainly meet your marketing actions.

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