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>The consumer is changing its behavior every day, since the access to information, mostly driven by various communication channels and new technologies, facilitates the search of information to expand its knowledge, contributing to the increase in the level of consumer expectation for goods and services.

Premium brands have a distinct image from the competition, sometimes they are seen as tied to the practice of higher prices and taking advantage from their image. With increased competition and easy access to information, consumers also become increasingly less loyal to brands and product’s demand already established or traditional. Introduce a new product or intensify the strength of existing ones are one of the tasks CARCON can carry out for you.

Building value in introducing a product in the automotive supply chain is not an easy task, since this result encourages the combination of at least four different stages: the identity of the product, its meaning, its response time and the relationship proposed between the product and the client or end user.

The concept involves gaining a distinct position in the minds of consumers, in which the new product regardless of the brand can be perceived as somehow different to them. The relationship between people and consumption of products and services as well as assessment of the role they play in consumers´ lives, plus the multiplying factors to accelerate the process of decision-choice are tasks CARCON can handle in leveraging your business and services.

Call one of our consultants and see what CARCON can do for your existing products or new products that your company plans to introduce into the market.

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